Adult Continuing Education Scholarship Application

$1000 Scholarship for a Jaffrey Woman  

The Jaffrey Woman’s Club is offering a $1000 scholarship to a Jaffrey woman who has had a hiatus in her education since completing high school. It is intended to assist her in upgrading skills, returning to school for more credits, or to facilitate a career change. This money will be awarded at the beginning of a semester.   

You must provide proof of acceptance by the school, college, or organization where you are registered for the coming semester.     


Residence: ____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:(if different)_________________________________________ 

Phone: ___________________________________     

E-mail :___________________________

Please complete this application by answering the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. 

> Name of the high school from which you graduated and date of graduation. 

> What caused you to delay or stop your education after high school? 

> Name of the college or school where you have been accepted. 

> Why did you choose this particular program to further your education? 

> What are your plans upon completion of this course? 

> What other financial support do you have to help you further your education?

                                Deadline: Postmarked by November 15.              

Send completed application and proof of acceptance to:                                         

 Jaffrey Woman’s Club                         

Scholarship Committee                         

PO Box 204                                                             

Jaffrey, NH   03452